November 28–30, 2008
Wrocław, Poland

Gnome hunting

Have you ever met a gnome? Do you know the difference from dwarf? Now you have a chance to find out! The gnomes are back in Wroclaw and their population is rapidly increasing nowadays. Still not convinced? Then go ahead and see for yourself!

Perhaps you are going to arrive early in Wroclaw and have too much time on your hands? After all, how long can the registration take? Imagine a visit to the landmarks of Wroclaw in the lovely company of gnomes!

We do not really expect any second thoughts about this idea, but still we will make it even more attractive. Here is another competition for you. Find the gnomes and send us their pictures. Note that we need a proof that you really met a gnome (these will serve a noble purpose, as some people still doubt existence of gnomes), so you have to be in the picture as well. So either use self-timer or form teams with photogenic representatives. The photos have to be delivered by Saturday, November 29, 23:59 (CET). Gifts will be awarded for

  • the largest number of different gnomes appearing in the pictures,
  • the most interesting picture.

This contest will be adjudicated on Sunday, November 30. We reserve the right to publish your pictures.

Probably you will need some help in finding any gnome, as, unlike dwarfs, they are tiny. This secret map should help you in your ventures. But know that as the gnomes flourish, no map captures their whole population. Keep your eyes open then, for you never know if there is a friendly gnome nearby. Just like most people, gnomes like the city center, so this is the best place to look for them. However, they have been also reported in spots rather distant from the main square. But since you have limited time, we suggest you concentrate on the area depicted in the secret map.

If you are interested in the gnomes of Wroclaw, you can find out about their unusual origin, but this requires some patience. Therefore you may rather be interested in a very brief reference. Do not be mislead by the sources calling them dwarves, they are gnomes, be assured. We hope you will find them and the city interesting.

Results of the gnome hunting contest

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